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  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019 3:55 PM | Vache King

         You would think after the last story I shared, I would make more of an effort going to God first. Asking Him what His desire is for direction; opposed to coming up with my own direction (my own next steps) then asking God to bless accordingly. Welp, I didn’t. And as usual, just as He so gently does, He reminded me who is really in control. He is the One who orchestrates everything, I mean the winds and the waves obey Him; Mark 4:39.

         Damión’s conference tournament game was in Alfred, New York and because the weather is very unpredictable in NY at the end of February, we made the decision to fly. I was actually excited about flying, I only paid ~$200 per person, roundtrip from Friday through Monday. This was also in alignment with the tournament schedule. The first game was Saturday and the conference championship Sunday (they were projected to win it all). Keep all this information in mind, it is all relevant.

         Just to paint the picture of where we were, we flew in to Rochester, NY, the hotel was in Geneseo, NY (about 40 miles), and the games were in Alfred (another 50 minutes). All, except for Rochester, extremely desolate places in New York; which basically means I have to go back to truly mark is off of my travel bucket list. But hey, this is Damión’s Sr. year!

         We flew in and headed for the hotel. No big plans on Friday, just to relax and prepare for the game the following day. Later that evening, I went out to the lobby and the hotel manager asked what brought us to the city. I explained to him about the conference tournament, you know small talk. He went further to tell me the weather was expected to bring 70-75mph winds and for us to be careful while traveling on the road…. WAIT WHAT? But I will be honest, I didn’t really believe it. I barely believe what I am told…I like to see it to believe it. Hmmm, just a small plug. Faith is believing God’s word and acting upon what He says. Note, without faith, it is impossible to please God; Hebrews 11:6. Besides, God’s word isn’t the same as man’s word, you can believe Him, His word never returns void; Isaiah 55:11.

         Saturday came and we set out for the game. No bad weather, no wild winds, so of course, that validated my seeing is believing. Unfortunately, we lost the first game and toiled during the evening whether to forego the flight and head home Sunday morning. Remember, our return flight was not to depart until Monday…and it was Saturday. Saturday in the most desolate part of New York, may I add.

         As I was eating breakfast Sunday, the weather did a major shift. It was a dark overcast, rain was slowly changing to snow, and you could hear the wind blowing. Basically, the hotel manager was spot on; he was just off on the timing. There are way more points of God here, so walk with me. Even though there may seem to be a delay in your prayers, your healing, your deliverance, your whatever, know God is always on time; Habakkuk 2:3. When we receive a word from the Lord, get ready…He’s coming. We ended up staying in the hotel for the day, watching TV, spending time with the Lord and of course keeping an eye out on the news for the weather. While watching the news, the weather-woman urged all to monitor flights as quite a few had been canceled.

         So here we were Sunday night, we hadn’t left NY, waiting on a Monday departure, the weather is playing with my emotions, and flights are being canceled. I immediately go into action. I called the airlines inquiring about our outgoing flight to CVG (Cincinnati). After 2 transfers and being on hold, customer service advised our flight had not been cancelled and they were hopeful it would not be, seeing we were not leaving till the following day (Monday). We had a rental car and I wanted to have a backup plan in case our flight was canceled; we could head out in the morning. I called Alamo to rearrange our reservation and get a quote for drop off at CVG. After 3 transfers, hold for 20 minutes, and speaking with an agent for 50 minutes, I was told driving the current vehicle was not an option. You see with God there is no backup plan; Exodus 20:3. But because I had done things in my own will (leaned on my own understanding; Proverbs 3:5), not bringing in the Lord in my circumstance, I was exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed. The only thing left to do…go to bed! And I went.

         MONDAY!!! Oh Monday, time to go home!! I was overly excited cause I am going home! We packed, got in the car, and as soon as we approached the end of the hotel parking lot to get on the road…I received an alert from my phone. FLIGHT CANCELED! To bring this lengthy story to a close, we ended up renting another vehicle and drove home…approximately 9 hours. WHEW!

         What is the purpose of all the details I shared? I am so glad you asked. There were many opportunities I had to invite God in, but I didn’t. We often think God only cares about the “big” things, not the small things. This is far from the truth, for God is interested in every detail of our life. The bible says, He knows the very number of hairs on your head; Matthew 10:30. Now if God knows how many hairs are on our head, He cares about the intricate details. There are no “big” thing or “little” thing, God created and holds ALL things (visible and invisible) in the palm of His hands, including us; Colossians 1:16-17. Let Him in!

  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019 1:59 PM | Vache King

         This story that I am about to share with you hit me like a ton of bricks. I am still waiting for the Lord to show me why it hit me as it did. And who knows, maybe by the time I finish writing, He will provide the answer.

         So, my husband has been having back problems for quite some time now, where we have looked for several remedies on how to go about fixing….hmmm, we have tried everything in our own will, but have NOT consulted the Lord. That was not even the message, but uhm, THANK YOU LORD!! We should always consult Him first; Matthew 6:33. There is a reason why God tells us to do so. If we delve into the verse, it starts off saying, “Seek ye first and His righteousness”, this is a command, to seek after God first. He was in the beginning and created all things; therefore, you would think as human beings, it would only make sense to go to the One who was here from the beginning of it all. But yet, we do not. The remainder of the scripture goes on to say, “and all these things shall be added unto you.” God is saying, if you seek after ME and ALL that I AM, I will ADD all of MY Kingdom and MY righteousness to you. This seems like a beautiful and easy deal. All we have to do is seek after Christ?  And First? But yet still, we don’t. Remember, I just told you what we did.

         Moving on to the lesson, God gave! Like I mentioned, my husband has been having back pain; and as a result, he asked to go to the emergency room. On to the ER we go. As we were seen by the PA, the PA was asking a lot of questions…basically trying to get to the foundation of the issue to understand how to treat his back. What I noticed was my husband already had a prognosis in mind. Meaning, he explained to the PA the source his back pain was from not having an appropriate bed. I also noticed, with every question that was posed, my husband’s response was only a subset.  Now I am thinking in order to provide a full diagnosis of his back and how to treat, giving a full picture of pain, where, how it is making him feel, is pertinent information, right? His response to me, “I tell the Dr what I want them to know.”

         STOP!!! Because I don’t want you to miss this. How many times have we had the same approach with God? We want God to answer our prayer, we want Him to fix our situation and circumstance, but we are not willing to give Him the full scenario. We only take a portion to Him. Do we realize not giving God total control is placing ourselves in the position of being “god?” He said, you shall have no other gods before me; Exodus 3:3. We often think of gods being a statue that we worship, but it can also be money, our jobs/careers, our children, our relationships, and yes even yourself. Anything we place higher than the Father is who we are worshipping. That “thing” is sitting at the core of your heart. The place where Jesus wants to be...OUCH!

         The truth is, God wants to be in every area of our life, but He will not force Himself on us for He is the perfect gentleman. He is looking to you and to me to let go of ourselves and invite Him in; Psalm 86:1.  Being an intricate and intimate part of our life is important, as well as giving the details of our situation to Him. I often wonder, thank You Holy Spirit, if the reason why God doesn’t give us details is because we don’t give him 100% of our lives, to include the details of what we are enduring.  Thank You again Holy Spirit, to say God would not give us details because we do not give Him details is basically calling God tit-for-tat.  He is not.  Now, He could withhold, according to His will, as God is sovereign, He can do what He wants to do when He wants to do it.  But to imply we serve a conditional God is not the case.  His love, righteousness, and Kingdom is available to all who believe.

         Don’t believe He cares of the details? I would beg to differ. When God gave instructions to Noah of how to build the ark, the instructions were specific: Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark and cover it inside and outside with pitch. And this is how you shall make it: the length of the ark shall be 300 cubits, its width 50 cubits, and its height 30 cubits; Genesis 6:14-15. But if that wasn’t specific enough, He went further and gave instructions for making the window, You shall make a window for the ark; and you shall finish it to a cubit from above; and set the door of the ark on its side. You shall make it with lower, second, and third decks; Genesis 6:16.

         Remember, I started this off with a God inserted lesson that really wasn’t the lesson? Well, if we had invited God into the situation early on, when we were out seeking human remedies, the ER visit may have never occurred; just maybe. At the end of the hospital visit, my husband received muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories; no x-rays, no-MRI, no additional tests. Now I am not saying we shouldn’t have gone to the ER, but what I am saying is you always have an opportunity to invite God into your situation. Don’t allow your own thought process, leaning to your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5, and then take action on it.  This could have you going through something He does not have for you. God is God and we are not, so let Him be who He is.

  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019 8:38 PM | Vache King

         I am learning to be ever-ready for God to use every situation, position, and circumstance in my life for a word. It has been the most rewarding portion of my journey. Let me encourage you to always be ready for a Word from the Lord, because He’s always speaking. I can honestly say, I wake up most mornings, excited like “what do you have to say to me today, Lord, because I know it’s something” lol. It may leave me with a myriad of emotions, but He always has a WORD! How amazing it is to be a child of the Living King.

         Friday, I was on my way to the GRC girls’ high school basketball game in support of Damión’s friend, but prior to, had a book to drop off for Nakiia. She is currently in her second semester of college and doing quite well, so shout out to her. As Nakiia, Tamiia, and myself stood outside talking, Kyleigh (their cousin) noticed I was giving her a book. Just as I was doing so, Kyleigh looked at me and said, “Will you get me a book?”

         Me: “What kind of book?”

         Kyleigh: “Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties”

         After having her repeat the title a couple of times, I put the title in my phone so I wouldn’t forget. It wasn’t until I had gotten in my car, proceeded down the street to the game, when I realized what had just occurred. I began to laugh. Now Kyleigh knows who I am, but I am not around her often enough to have an established strong relationship. But here was this little lady, seven years old, who knew what she wanted and was going to ask for it.  How many of us are like that with our Heavenly Father? How many of us can say, we go to the Lord confidently and boldly not anxious, letting our requests be known; Philippians 4:6.

         Let’s make this clear, I in no way am suggesting treating God as a genie in a bottle, pouring out our request and expecting them to magically appear. NO! He ultimately wants a relationship with you and is not here to deliver a million-dollar dream. However, there is something to be said of having a relationship with the Father, being comfortable to ask for something (anything I may add) and waiting confidently for Him to answer your request. When you have a relationship with Him, abiding in Him, He tells us to ask for our desires, and it will be given; John 15:7!

         Getting back to this amazing, bold seven-year-old who God used for this blog. I mentioned before, Kyleigh and I not having a strong relationship but came to me boldly and confidently knowing within her heart, I would grant her request. Well, God knows us by name; Psalm 139. Did you know He calls us friend? James 2:23…and he really wants to give us the desires of our hearts. You see, He knew us before we were in our mother’s womb with a plan for our lives. With this plan, and as we seek and chase after Him, our desires become more and more in alignment to God’s will. He’s intentional and strategic I may add!

         After the game was over, I went home, pulled out my phone where I stored the title and began searching through the internet to locate this book. (Praise break) The beautiful thing about God, is He doesn’t have to capture what our petitions are, because He is all knowing and doesn’t forget. He even hears our uttered prayers; Romans 8:26-27. (HALLELUJAH!!). When I found the book, I not only purchased the requested book, but also another book…exceeding her expectations. Hmmmm…I know I know, I could jump out of my skin, because it’s true. There have been many times when I have gone before the Lord asking for something, He provide, but blowing my mind with more than I anticipated or asked for. That is His character. To bless exceedingly and abundantly above anything than we could ever ask for or imagine; Ephesians 3:20. 

         God has so much more for you for me than what is visible to the eye. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” He holds the key to everything we are searching. Let us be encouraged to go to the Lord. I can remember as a child, and even as an adult, me going to my natural father, Norman. When I wanted something, I went to my dad and I asked. I was so comfortable in asking, because he always made me feel I could ask for anything. He also built my confidence in asking, as I was sure that he would grant my request. Our Heavenly Father is the same. He is just waiting on you, on me, to ask. We have not, cause we ask not; James 4:2(b).

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2019 6:30 AM | Vache King

          It is so amazing how the Lord continues to speak to me on the highway. His voice is so clear, probably because I am not talking while in the car. (That’s a lesson for below). My son, Damión had a game in Cleveland over the weekend, we went up Friday, back home on Saturday. Quick plug…WE WON WHOHOOO!!! On my way home, I wanted to stop and take a quick bathroom break and grab a bite to eat, so from Highway 70, I veered to the 270-bypass using my Google maps. The next direction it gave me was to take exit 32, which was about 9 miles.

         I need to point something out here. The exit numbers are going in ascending order: meaning, 1, 2, 3, 4; opposed to descending 4, 3, 2, 1.  Now moving on, as I approached exit 30, I moved from the fast-left lane, to the far-right lane, in preparation to take the exit.  I proceed to pass exit 30, and of course natural progression to be 31, then 32. Well, it was not 32, but exit 33.  I chuckled a bit to myself, as I was thinking, did I miss it? Did it just skip exit 32 altogether? No, because right after the sign for exit 33, the next sign read “Exit 32, 1 ½ miles ahead.” Like, WHAT??

         Just as He always does, He whispered, “Thank you for listening and paying attention.” Again, you see I was quiet, not talking, and able to hear. The Lord’s voice, at times, is a small still voice; 1 Kings 19:12, that only you can hear, providing you aren’t doing so much talking.  God being the perfect gentleman, will not force His ways upon us or even force us to listen. Nevertheless, He speaks to us continuously; we just have to be in the position to listen to what He is trying to say.

         Not only do we have to be in the right position to listen, but we must pay attention to His direction. Google maps gives direction according to a specific location we plug in, and it is up to us to trust the guidance of the maps to get there. After all, the app was created to give us directions taking the quickest route. In parallel, we go before the Lord with our petition. He then speaks direction and gives guidance through the aid of the Holy Spirit ultimately drawing us back to Him. However, it is up to us to trust His ways, even when they don’t make sense; Jeremiah 17:7. If we are not careful, we will miss where He is taking us or miss what He has to say. Trusting God is having enough faith to take step 1 in Him, not knowing what step 2 is (Joyce Meyer). Following after God’s voice is exercising your trust and faith in Him.

         The Lord also spoke to me, that I do not know everything...YIKES (for those control freaks out there)!  Being honest, this is what I heard the loudest! Often times, we assume we know the next step we are to take. We have experienced somewhat the same; therefore, we know how it is going to end. Or, we have in our minds, the end result, and have determined how we are going to get there. Basically, assuming the position of God in our lives…OUCH! We lean on ourselves quite a bit. God’s word tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6, to trust in the Lord within all thine heart; lean not to our own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy path.  Google maps was leading me the correct way, but I “thought” I knew how far the exit was due to its was natural progression…leaning on what I thought. God knows all, sees all, and we are here to fulfill His purpose; Isaiah 46: 9b-10. It is not for us to take it upon ourselves to create our own direction.  God is God, and we are not!

         We must always remember to submit ourselves before the Lord in whatever direction we are seeking, listen to His voice, and be at peace while trusting Him for the way to get there according to His will; Job 22:21. You know the hymn, “Trust and Obey,” for He knows best. Two simple words or actions, yet we spend more time thinking we know it all instead of listening to His instructions. God knows the beginning of our life story, till the end of our last breath. Will you trust Him?  Will you allow Him to take you on the journey and path He has already created for you? Will you listen to His voice?

  • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 10:12 AM | Vache King

         From the moment we were children, we were taught conditions. For example, if we perform a task, we receive something of value. From childhood, when we completed our chores, we were given an allowance. As you went through school, the time you spent studying for a test, the expectation is to receive a good grade. In college, as you put in hard work completing assignments and taking exams, in the end, you are expecting to receive your degree. Keep traveling with me, because while we are at work, listening to bosses, putting up with co-workers, clients, working eight plus hour days, we not only expect a paycheck, but we often expect a raise or promotion.  Facts! And let us NOT leave this out…those relationships…baaaaby…whether friendships, parenting, or intimate relationships; we spend time caring, loving, giving of ourselves, etc… the human in us is expecting love, affection, and appreciation in return (be honest with yourself and you can get somewhere).

         Believe it or not, this has the tendency to develop a mindset and a dangerous one. The dangers of developing this mindset: working for progress, working to receive something, and working for love and affection in return; causes us to believe our relationship with God has those same conditions. We believe He thinks and acts just as we do. Let me help you free yourself! He said, my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways; Isaiah 55:8.

         So, His thoughts NOT like my thoughts, what does that mean?  Well, I’m glad you asked! I have had an extremely rewarding career; and at one company, I was serving on the executive management team, with 5 managers reporting to me, and approximately 30 employees total under our division. Pretty impressive? Well maybe, but that would be considered an effect of working hard. You see people work for levels of progression in a company.

         The issue with working hard, is we like to take credit for the reward (position) we obtain. During this experience, God intervened in a way that not only I couldn’t take credit for, but so He would surely get the Glory!! At this same company, for the new position I held, when I obtained the position; wait for it: I was not qualified! I had only been with the company on this program for a year and a half, I had just finished my undergraduate degree (in something COMPLETELY unrelated), oh did I mention my new position was not well received by some of my other colleagues, and one more I did NOT apply for it! God reminded me to humble yourself in His presence and He will exalt you; James 4:10.  My works had absolutely nothing to do with God’s elevation.

         Not only do we spend a lot of works for levels of progression, we spend quite a bit of our time, energy(works), and giving of ourselves for love, attention, and affection; all to receive the same in return.  So much so, it can be exhausting, and unfortunately, sometimes, it is not always returned.  God through His son, Jesus, gave of Himself willingly and freely; while we were yet sinners; Romans 5:8.  This is while we were still His enemies.  Acceptance of the Son was available for us to receive, BEFORE our existence. Isn’t that amazing?  God knowing us before we were formed in our mother’s womb; Jeremiah 1:5, He STILL sent His son to die a death beyond our imagination, for me…for you. Get it? And because He knew, and our filthy mcnastiness was already taken into consideration, there was/is no work we can do.

         I pray this encourages you to accept/receive Him and stop working to obtain His love. He is the only available, constant love you will ever find. For it is by grace that you been saved through faith.  And this salvation is not of yourselves, but it is the gift of God; not as a result of your works, so that no one will boast or take credit in any way; Ephesians 2:8-9AMP.  You can exhale, this gift is free and already paid for by the shedding of His blood.  You cannot and do not have to work for this!

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019 5:20 PM | Vache King

         Have you ever experienced life's challenges and wondered WHY, Lord?  Why did I go through that divorce?  Why was my marriage struggling?  Why did I have this illness?  These are questions I have asked myself and truth be told, I sometimes still ask myself.  Not asking the Lord out of anger, but truly trying to understand and get to the bottom of WHY ME?  Originally when asking, I don't think I even waited long enough for the Lord to answer.  But what I know today is everything that we go through has purpose. 

          I had a conversation yesterday with my colleague and learned of his recent diagnosis of stage 3 skin cancer.  He told me normally skin cancer is extremely curable, but his case is very aggressive and has already moved to his lymph nodes, nostril, and neck.  In our continued conversation, he said to me that although this has been challenging for, he and his wife to hear, this is just another part of his story.  I immediately teared up,  partly because I wasn't expecting his response to something so devastating.  But he went on to say, this is not to break him, but to teach him something.   

         Think about that...this is not to break him, but to teach him something.  I so appreciated his position on his illness but let me expand your mind for a moment and say, it doesn't have to be a sickness.   That divorce, that relationship, that job loss, or anything that God ALLOWS to come, is for your good.  Whatever THAT is, which has caused a temporary distraction, a temporary derailment, God has allowed to come into your life for your good and His Glory; Romans 8:28!  Now, we have the opportunity to make a choice of what we do with those things.  We can either feed into those situations, OR we can submit THAT unto the Lord. 

         Feeding into the derailment/distraction could lead to satan wreaking havoc on your mind; for he comes to steal, kill, and destroy; John 10:10.  But God says, "Come unto me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest; Matthew 11:28.  Resting in God, in the midst of life allows development, shaping, molding, transformation, and draws you closer to Christ.  This is His desire, to have a close, personal, and intimate relationship with YOU!  We, as people tend to respond more to pain than being on the mountaintop; therefore, God allowing challenges to come your way. 

       This changes my mind about the whole derailment/distraction that I may experience.  Doesn't it with you?  I mean think about it, God who created the universe, knows the beginning to the end, wants an intimate relationship with me?  YES!!  So now, I consider it more of a privilege that He sees fit to choose me to go through ANYTHING to bring me closer to Him!  It is during these times, I delve into God's word and encourage myself.  Speaking scripture over my life reminds me that I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus; Romans 8:37.  He calls me the head and not the tail; Deuteronomy 28:13. He gives me victory; 1 Corinthians 15:57!   

         So, there is purpose?  I am glad you asked.  Why yes!  There is purpose for the pain, there is purpose for the disappointment, there is purpose for the derailment, for the distraction.  My first reaction in life was to become angry, to get frustrated, all in my feelings and why not, I am always trying to figure things out instead of allowing God to be God.  Not wanting to understand there could be something to this experience.  But as I continue to grow in Christ, I now go to the Lord and ask what do You want me to learn in this?  What do You want to say to me?  Every time I've asked those questions, He gently reminds me He chose me to go through this, JUST for intimacy with Him.  What a privilege!

  • Friday, February 08, 2019 2:40 PM | Vache King

      I often drive when we are traveling for my son’s games; it gives Dee a break from driving (he drives for a living), and I appreciate the words the Lord gives me in the car.  A week ago, was no different.  I completed my normal check, weather looked good, a little snow fall, but nothing major.  I also checked my GPS to become familiar with the route (I am a planner by nature).  GPS gave me two different routes I could take, one going through Ohio, the other through West Virginia.  Was there a nudging of the Holy Spirit prompting me the direction to take?  Hmmm.  Normally, I avoid West Virginia routes if all possible, as I do not care driving through the mountains.  Through WV, however, it was saving me 17 minutes…I am LOVING THIS!!!

         So, through West Virginia it is. 

         The ride was rather smooth, but out of nowhere, snow immediately fell, making the roads extremely slick.  It was mind boggling, scary even, like where did this come from.  It came so quickly, it was hard to get my thoughts together.  Of course, I slowed down and at one point was going 35mph on I-64 (YES on the highway)!  Dee noticed the concern in my eyes and asked if I wanted him to drive.  I took a deep breath and before I could respond, I heard from the Lord!  He said, I called you to go through!  OUCH!

         I told Dee, thank you, but that I would continue driving.  You see, we get so caught up in what we think we know (especially when things appear the same), listening to others (the GPS), the normalcy/scheduling of our lives, we are no longer in the position to hear God’s voice.  He said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them” (John 10:27); but we must be in position to hear.  I had a nudging of the Holy Spirit, but when we are surrounded with the busyness of life, distractions, or full of ourselves, it makes it difficult to hear the voice of the Lord.  But He will often send whatever necessary to get the focus off of ourselves and back into fellowship with Him, so we may obey.

         I very well could have taken Dee on his offer, but when God spoke to go through, it reminded me that everything which occurs in my life, He is the One who goes before me (Deuteronomy 31:8).  Even when I do not fully obey His commands.  If God has gone before me where I go, what or why should I fear?  Really.  What can happen in my life, that God allows, can harm me...NOTHING!  I/you/we are in His care!

         Sure, just like the condition of the travel, when we do not heed to the Holy Spirit, there may be obstacles along the way, that you do not expect, and can be difficult.  There are going to be times where life will hit you suddenly and come like a storm.  It may even seem as though you cannot see your way out or through.  AND, it may last much longer than you anticipate or like.  God never promised a life of simplicity, but He did promise He would be with us till the end of the world (Matthew 28:20). 

         It was only through the comfort of the Holy Spirit (John 14:14) was I able to make it through and my nerves intact.   On the highway AND in life!

         Remember at the beginning, I mentioned this route was saving me 17 minutes?  Going the suggested shorter route is not always the best route.  We must always make sure the route we are taking is in God’s plan and not our own.  Broad is the way that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13).  Now I am not saying I took the wrong way, I followed the GPS.  If there were multiple people near my home, but in different areas, it would have given them the same route, cause it “appeared” to be the quickest.  The “everyone’s doing it”, the broad way! 

         When traveling in life, wait on God to speak, don’t be in a rush; don’t get caught up in the busyness of life where you will miss God talking to you.  Take time, seek after Him, allow Him to speak back.  Abide in Him!  Where ever it is you are going to, when submitting yourself unto Him, He will get you there.  He will see it to completion (Philippians 1:6). 

         The time I initially thought I would be saving, (17 minutes) I did not.  As a matter of fact, it took us longer to reach to the destination.  You know, listening to God and obeying Him is valuable.  He is here and available if we just trust Him and obey.  He sees where you are and where you are going. 

         He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  Who is better to listen to than the One who is ALL KNOWING!!

  • Friday, February 08, 2019 1:09 AM | Equipping Lydia Administrator (Administrator)

    "I am woman...I am...a child of God, full of grace and dignity...I am God's beloved, unique and free to form friendships, to marry or to stay single, depending on my life call...What, then, inclines others to label me? To frame my life in their design? To make me a victim of oppressive structures, attitudinal prejudices, crass stereotypes? Power and subjugation overshadow equality and respect as if I, woman, were a thing to be used, an object to be traded, a commodity to create pleasure. 

    I am woman...I am..many tongues rejoicing, many crying in pain...I am yellow, brown, black, red, and white...I am a multitude of cultures and creeds, talents and gifts."  ~
    Dr. Susan Muto taken from the Book Womanspirit

  • Friday, January 18, 2019 3:16 PM | Joycelyn Lewis

    In 2014 I had my thyroid removed and a couple of the side effects is hoarseness and not being able to project my voice.  You can imagine how difficult it was for me because I am a talker and I am a teacher. Those side effects made it difficult for me to do both.  The fact that I am a former speech therapist didn't  even guard against my feelings of frustration when I notice that I had been talking too much and it was causing my voice to become weaker.

    While I was recovering from my thyroid surgery my voice became too hoarse for me to speak, so I had to text.  I prayed about this area of frustration in my life I asked the Lord "What are you trying to reveal to me through this experience?"  I asked because I had discovered that I was picking and choosing who I would text and who I would talk to.  This led me to discover several principles that I could take away from this experience.  Perhaps it will help you to discern when you should use your voice.  

     The definition of VALUE value:  to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance; to regard or esteem highly:(taken from Webster's Dictionary)

    My Lessons:   

    “Don’t use your voice to talk with people who do not value what you have to say. When you are silent with those people (the ones who do not value your voice) your voice will be stronger when those who value your words need to hear you speak.”  This “valuing” of your voice is not about agreeing with what you say, but a willingness to consider what you’ve said.”

    other revelations:  

    • Your voice is never wasted when you are speaking with someone who is willing to listen.  Even if the two of you disagree. 
    • Choose wisely to whom you give the strength of your voice to.  
    • Being silent is oftentimes the best way to give strength to your voice so that when you speak, your voice is strong.  
    • People who value your voice will help you protect your voice when necessary.  

    What is the invitation?  The invitation is to only speak when you are in the company of someone who values what you have to say.  This requires you to wait and to listen to the Holy Spirit say, "you can use your voice now". 

  • Wednesday, November 21, 2018 11:49 AM | Vache King

    Have you ever already set your mind to how something would be; only for God to completely change your plans?  Well, that was me last Friday on my way to Virginia to watch my son play ball.  I had in my mind, I would spend “some” time with God on the way down there, the rest of time talking on the phone.  But of course, as I got started on the highway, I quickly learned the reception would not allow me to have a conversation to anyone; needless to say, my time spent with the Lord, was going to be way more than originally planned. 

    Before my phone cut out, I was able to share with my girlfriend, food I had the night before which tasted kind of funny, did not set well with my stomach, and I had been feeling bad.  I had no idea how pivotable that meal would be on my 4-hour journey to Virginia.  This one is for free…We have to be careful and cautious of what we put into our bodies; sometimes the food is great going down, but a whole other experience the days after.  That is how we are with our life decisions, right?  I mean, we make some decisions that are pleasant to us at that particular moment of our life and they feel good to the flesh; however, the consequences the days after are a whole other experience. 

    Remember, I mentioned the food was funny tasting? Well, we are constantly sent signs from God not to continue with certain actions, BUT because we like the way it feels for the moment, we continue in the activity and ignore the signs…HMMMMM…  Moving on…cause this was not even the lesson within the story, just a bonus!

    Continuing on…so I am on the highway and since my phone conversation was interrupted by no reception, I now am spending some time with the Lord.  Travel with me.  Yes, my intent was to spend time with Him; however, on my terms and in my time.  This is our approach sometimes with the Lord, huh, our terms, when we “feel like it.”  Anyhow, I proceeded to listen to a sermon series of Pastor Mike, from Transformation Church in Oklahoma,  called “Planted Not Buried.”  I was so encouraged through in this segment of how Gideon’s obedience to God allowed him to conquer the Midianites through faith; Judges 6-8.  During the sermon, I got hit with major stomach pains.  And I mean unbearable.  Now mind you, I am on the highway, passing through Clay City, Kentucky, not a restaurant, hotel, nothing in plain sight; but I am experiencing this pain beyond belief.

    Being I was unable to pull over anywhere, I began to talk to the Lord.  “Lord, now You know I am not feeling well, right?  You know there is not a stopping point in sight and I can’t pull over?”  Then I got specific, you know how we do.  “Lord, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a clean hotel to stop at, cause I am really not feeling well.”   On my way looking for the hotel to appear, because that is what I asked for, I missed the multiple restaurants along the way.  STOP!  There are many times God is answering our prayers, but due to our specific expectations looking for God to respond a certain way, we miss Him.  His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts; Isaiah 55:8. To make a long story short, the pains became so bad, I ended up at a gas station.  I will leave the rest to your imagination…but it was NOT a pleasant experience. 

    Forwarding ahead, I am only an hour and a half into the drive and get sick again.  I am like WHAT!!  I cannot have another experience like before, but was feeling so bad, I began to second guess this trip all together.  I mean, I was by myself, my husband wasn’t able to get off, my other son was unable to go, it’s a total of four hours away, not to mention, the drive back home would be late, and OH, there are all types of hills and valleys.  Turning around at this point, is a viable option, right?

    Isn’t that how we are?  Extremely excited to start the journey and anxiously anticipating the arrival, but don’t want to experience the travel to get there?  How many times have we allowed our excuses (being by ourselves, it’s too far, it’s too hard), the valleys, the twists, and turns, prevent us from moving forward?  Here I was knowing my end destination but had become so discouraged in how I was feeling, my end destination seemed distant.  For a quick moment, I was ok to turn around, not completing my course, and giving up.  God never told us our journey would be easy or comfortable, but He did promise He would never leave or forsake us; Hebrews 13:5.

    With the pain and discomfort, I was feeling, the Lord spoke to me saying while you are on the journey, I have called you to, it doesn’t matter how many times I have to stop.  Just don’t stop completely until you get to your destination.  The things that He has deposited into me, He will see through till completion; Philippians 1:6.  Yes, there will be peaks and valleys, good and bad, but I am to press on toward the goal to win the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus; Philippians 3:14. 

    Be encouraged, He didn’t call me or you to quit, but to continue on the journey through Christ by Faith!

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