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Why Women Part 2

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 1:05 PM | Joycelyn Lewis

Why women? Because “together we are better”. (the words spoken by my Pastor in a recent message) 

Bringing women together to hear God’s voice and to be in community with one another is what I am called to do. Being “for” bringing only women together is not being against being in relationship with men. My calling is to influence women in knowing with full assurance that they are deeply loved by God. I want to challenge and empower women to be courageous enough to acknowledge their strengths and their weaknesses, share their heresy’s’ so we can dialogue about them, to become more sensitive to the leading, the guiding and the warnings of the Holy Spirit. In doing so they will reflect Christ’s love and therefore they will be more loving and compassionate women and will not fall prey to comparing themselves to others but living out of their own unique communal life call. This will strengthen their relationships with men and women and help them persevere when those relationships get difficult or situations in their lives are hard.

This is an area of service God has called me to and I will unapologetically say yes to this assignment.

Equipping Lydia is currently a ministry led by women in service to women. We will periodically offer retreats that are open to men because we know men need renewal however our vision and our mission is to serve the Lydia’s- women. 

There was a season where God had a door opened and EL served with a larger organization.  Both men and women had opportunities to experience some of our formation opportunities, but that door was shut. If that type of door opens again, we will pray and listen for God’s direction as we have done in the past.

The lessons:

  • 1.    Build relationships before making final judgments about your       perceptions, assumptions and even believing hearsay.
  • 2.    Solidify your “why”. God has given it to you. Sometimes our giftings are discovered thru the pain we have experienced. 
  • 3. Our primary why should be to be to glorify Christ and reflect His love.
  • 4.    Pray for those who persecute you.
  • 5. Persevere.

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