Training & Mentoring

Spiritual Direction Training Learn How To Practice The Art of Listening

The Ministry of Spiritual Direction trains lay leaders and clergy to develop the listening and leadership skills needed to minister alongside others as a spiritual director. Spiritual direction is deeply rooted in Christian history, and is a simple, yet profound practice where a mature Christian helps a fellow Christian discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in their life. In a spiritual direction session, the director prayerfully listens and guides a person in hearing God’s voice speaking love and truth into the various aspects of what the directee chooses to share. The impact spiritual direction has on those who enter into this kind of discipline sets forth beautiful healing and transformation through the power of the Spirit.

Mentoring- Learn How To Practice The Art of Spiritual Formation Leadership

EL offers mentoring that will provide you with practical experiences in spiritual formation leadership. You will learn through your mentoring relationship: 

  • The EL Gentle Way Leadership Model,
  • Your leadership identity
  • How to practice the art of listening as a spiritual formation leaders
  • How to design a retreat for spiritual renewal.
  • How to facilitate a Holy Listening Group
  • How to lead a Spiritual Formation Group

You will also gain the practical experience of serving on a retreat team, leading a retreat, facilitating a Holy Listening session, leading and leading a Spiritual  Formation group. These experiences will not only teach you how to lead but they will teach you how to live as a spiritually mature spiritual formation leader.

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