Is Your Heart Restless?

 "Our hearts are restless until  they can find rest in you."  St. Augustine of Hippo

You are invited to inhale and exhale until you are fully present to this moment. Click on the video below and listen to the song by Audrey Assad, "Restless". As the song plays, close your eyes and allow the words to become your prayer as you enter into this time with the Lord.

Enter the Stillness


 Place yourself in the picture above

Where are you? Are you in the boat? Standing on the deck? In the water?

In what areas of your life is your heart restless? Is your heart wondering if life is meaningful or meaningless? Picture Jesus with you.

Share your heart with Jesus.


You are invited to...

Take some time to journal your conversation with Jesus.

What is Jesus saying to you about your restless heart?

Conclude your time with a prayer or write a poem in response to your conversation with Jesus.