Our Core Values


Everything done through the Equipping Lydia is to lovingly foster maturity. Truth and grace are cornerstones in this pursuit of growth into Christ-likeness.


Equipping Lydia seeks to practice the rhythms of Sabbath renewal as we listen for God's voice and share in community of the love that is in Christ.


Perfectionism and performance are the enemies of spiritual freedom. Equipping Lydia seeks to create safe spaces (like the pen of the Good Shepherd) where the Holy Spirit can operate in freedom and followers of Christ can grow in their gifts and talents. This ministry fosters freedom while maintaining gentle order and peace through loving leadership and prayerful preparation.


Equipping Lydia is a ministry of graciousness, generosity and love as we welcome weary travelers on the journey of faith. We seek those who a place of respite and need offer them a cup of cool water in a dry and thirsty land.​


The heart of Equipping Lydia is that as small clusters pray, live, and serve together, they become equipped to function as the healthy Body of Christ. This is a ministry of love and harmony where leaders serve together like a finely tuned orchestra playing a symphony. The selflessness of living as Christian community means that the days do not belong to us as individuals and our to-do lists. Our days belong to God. And in balance, true Christian community is not a diversion from being alone. Rhythmic retreats into personal solitude, silence and reflection on the Word are critical for healthy participation in community.


Equipping Lydia is a ministry of deep respect for God and all God has created. Every life is sacred and every person is a reflection of the image of God. This reverent attention to care is a way to honor God in all that we do. ​