Our Story

Drink From The Deep Well of God's Love

The vision of Equipping Lydia is to create settings where followers of Christ can drink from the deep well of God’s love and experience renewal through spiritual direction and retreating.

Experience Spiritual Rest in Christ

Our mission is to encourage experiences where Christians are equipped to work in harmony as they resource and create space for others to 

find spiritual rest in Christ.

Created For Those Who Need A Place To Go


In 1999, Laura Baber completed the Center for Spiritual Formation’s Ministry of Spiritual Direction Program. While living in Pennsylvania, she met with a few spiritual directees as she practiced and honed the art of prayerful listening. She led retreats as congregations invited her. In 2006, Laura moved to Kentucky and the floodgates seemed to open. Immediately two women began meeting with her for spiritual direction and the seed of the Equipping Lydia vision took root. By 2008, she had 180 appointments throughout the course of that year. The overwhelming refrain was that women were “drying up” in their communities of faith. They needed a place to go where they could drink deeply from the well of God’s love without having to defend or explain prayer, quiet, listening, weeping, or extended worship. 

As Equipping Lydia grew, a group of “prayer midwives” interceded for this challenge and discerned the need for Spiritual Refreshment Retreats. Since then Equipping Lydia has hosted numerous retreats in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia.